Capacity Building

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Capacity building also referred to as capacity development is a conceptual approach to development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations from realizing their developmental goals while enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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Defining Capacity Building

So what is ‘capacity-building”? Why has the focus shifted towards building capacity of cities and urban areas to handle its environments? What constitutes ‘capacity-building’? Some definitions and descriptions …    
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Capacity building is a process that involves value added instruction, the training of trainers, activities with multiplier effects, and networking. It involves both institutional capacity-building, as well as human capacity-building. Urban Environment Management, Urban Capacity Building, www.gdrc.org/uem/capacity.html.  (Accessed January 17, 2012)


Brief Description of the Key Concept

Helping Boost Capacity

Strengthening capacity, a core activity in the area of protection, seeks to help states meet their international legal obligations to protect refugees. Through its livelihoods programmes, UNHCR also develops capacity: it helps displaced people become self-sufficient in their places of refuge and enhances the chances of finding a durable solution for refugees.

Capacity building activities are geared towards strengthening national authorities, laws and policies to ensure the proper handling of refugee and asylum issues, the reception and care of refugees, the promotion of self-reliance of refugees and the realization of durable solutions. But the task cannot be accomplished alone. It requires a partnership framework involving host and donor governments, humanitarian assistance and developmental agencies, civil society, including NGOs, together with refugees themselves.

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Examples and/or Illustrations

Livelihoods and Self-Reliance
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Partnerships and Capacity Building
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Refugee Youth Health Project
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Other Useful Sources

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