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  1. an inhabitant; resident.
  2. a person who regularly frequents a place; habitué: thedenizens of a local bar.
  3. British. an alien admitted to residence and to certain rights of citizenship in a country.
  4. anything adapted to a new place, condition, etc., as ananimal or plant not indigenous to a place but successfully naturalized.

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  1. An inhabitant; a resident: denizens of Monte Carlo. 
  2. One that frequents a particular place: a bar and its denizens.
  3. Ecology An animal or a plant naturalized in a region.
  4. Chiefly British A foreigner who is granted rights of residence and sometimes of citizenship.

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denizen (third-person singular simple present denizens, present participle denizening, simple past and past participle denizened)

  1. (transitive, UK) To grant rights of citizenship to; to naturalize.

He was denizened to Ireland after fleeing his home country.

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Synonyms: dweller, habitant, inhabitant, indweller


Examples and/or Illustrations

  1. ” Denization (or endenization) was the first means whereby an alien could acquire British nationality, and can be traced back to the 13th century. It was the forerunner of naturalisation but it also continued alongside, the main difference being that letters of denization were granted by the Crown whereas naturalisation was, and still is, the result of an Act of Parliament.
  2. Persons who were British subjects by denization could not pass on the status to their heirs. Occasionally a claim to citizenship, based upon descent from a denizated ancestor, makes an appearance in the Home Office. Although such a claim cannot be formally acknowledged, it has sometimes been possible, in the past, to grant the claimant administrative recognition.”

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Other Useful Sources

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