The CARFMS Practitioners Forum is a secure and private site that has been established for the exclusive use of CARFMS members “in good standing” as an information forum on their academic disciplinary specialty and their professional affiliations and associations as it pertains to their activities in the field of refugees and  forced migration studies. This website not only provides useful information regarding academic disciplines and professional associations but also provides a platform on which CARFMS members can share relevant information and experiences related to refugees and forced migration studies as well as be able to post questions and to discuss and/or to debate the issues of the day.

A number of caveats, however, are in order. Although this is intended to be a secure and private site that is limited to the use of CARFMS members, CARFMS cannot, of course, guarantee that the site is entirely either secure or private. Nor can CARFMS bear any responsibility or liability for anything that appears on this site.

CARFMS will endeavour to monitor the Practitioners Forum on a routine basis, to ensure that anything posted on the website conforms to the rules established for the use of this exclusive and private site, but, it will not be able to do so either on a continuous basis or in real time. CARFMS simply does not have the resources to be able to do so.  

We fully expect that all CARFMS members will use the Practitioners Forum respectfully, responsibly, fairly, and with the fullest courtesy and thoughtfulness possible to everyone, whether they are members of CARFMS or not.   

Accordingly, we expect all CARFMS members who use this forum and who post any material on it will abide fully to the following rules:

  1. Please do not use any inappropriate, foul, offensive or discourteous language. Everyone must respect each other’s human dignity to the fullest extent possible. 
  2. Please only use the Practitioners Forum when you would like to share relevant and useful information that other CARFMS members in your field might find useful with respect to their own work with refugees and other forced migrants.
  3. Information that is posted on the Practitioners Forum should be valid and verifiable and whenever appropriate the source of the information should be provided.
  4. Always maintain a moderate and temperate tone in your postings, dialogues and debates. Proper decorum needs to be maintained fully at all times.
  5. All postings and exchanges among CARFMS members should be consistent with the aims, objectives and broader vision of CARFMS as an association that is dedicated to the advancement of excellence in research and teaching in the field of refugees and forced migration studies and the protection of refugee rights. (See the CARFMS Bylaws at
  6. Anyone who breaches these rules will have their posts removed immediately from the Practitioners Forum. Depending on the nature and/or the seriousness of the breach of these rules the person may lose their privileges to be able to access and to be able to use this website. Moreover, the most serious violations of these and other rules of “good conduct” could lead to a loss of membership in CARFMS itself.

Any violations of these rules on the Practitioners Forum should be brought to the attention of Professor James C. Simeon, Associate Professor and Director, School of Public Policy and Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York University, 4700 Keele Street, 122 McLaughlin College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3,, (416) 736-2800 (33460).

Any questions regarding these rules should also be brought to the attention of Professor James C. Simeon.