Please note that this Web site is currently under construction

Welcome to our CARFMS online Practitioners’ Forum that is dedicated exclusively for the use of CARFMS members!

An Invitation to University Instructors to Participate in our Experiential Education Research Assignment in the Development of the CARFMS Academia and Practitioners Forum (A&PF)

Our CARFMS Practitioners’ Forum provides Association members with an online private and secure space to share information, to seek and to provide advice about their work in the field of refugee and forced migration studies. CARFMS members will be able to access the site with their individual user name and password.

After logging on to the Practitioners’ Forum, members will be able to go to their own discipline and/or occupational category and join the ongoing debate and the discussion that is taking place currently on the forum. Each of the disciplinary and/or occupational categories also contains useful information to assist you in your work in refugee and forced migration studies and/or your work directly with refugees. It also provides a list of associations that are directly related to each discipline and/or occupational group.

The Practitioners’ Forum is still very much “under construction” or “a work-in-progress” and it will require further work and development on our part, but, also the feedback and guidance necessary to improve and to enhance constantly our CARFMS’ members’ only website.

However, given the fact that the website is interactive it will require continuous monitoring and, no doubt, the occasional supervision and correction. But, it will remain the premier site for our CARFMS members to exchange information, discuss pertinent questions of the day, and to offer their opinion and advice on questions related to refugee and forced migration studies. On this latter point, it should be noted, in particular, that our Association cannot take nor bear any responsibility or liability for what may be posted on this website by its members in this forum.

In this regard, CARFMS will set out a number of “ground rules” for the use of the interactive Practitioners’ Forum. If any CARFMS’ member violates consistently any of these rules then they will lose their privileges of accessing our Practitioners’ Forum. We will be seeking our members’ advice and opinion on the Practitioners’ Forum from time to time, but, welcome comments and suggestions for improvement at any time.

Thank you for your interest in our online Practitioners’ Forum. We very much hope that our members’ only new Practitioners Forum will prove to be a useful and valuable addition to the various services and benefits that CARFMS provides its members and in advancing our Association’s mission and vision in helping to protect the rights of refugees and other forced migrants in the world today.